Professor James Dana


Professor Dana suffered a major stroke following brain surgery to treat a giant fusiform brain aneurysm in 1996.  He is able to walk with a cane or walker, but often uses a wheelchair or motorized scooter.  In addition to being physically disabled, he has Pseudobulbar Affect (PBA), a neurologic disorder, which, loosely speaking, is characterized by exaggerated emotional responses.


Professor Dana is active in First Parish Church in Weston and is currently on the search committee for a new senior minister.  He is very excited about the website he created using Weebly for the search. First Parish is a Unitarian Universalist church, though more Christian than many UU churches.  If you want to apply for the job check out the website!

Andover Newton Theological Seminary

Professor Dana is a trustee of the Andover-Newton Theological Seminary which is the oldest graduate school seminary in the country.  Andover-Newton has begun merging with Yale Divinity School and has sold its historic campus in Newton. 


Professor Dana is married to Kathryn Spier, the Domenico de Sole Professor of Law at Harvard Law School.  They have one son, James (or Jamie) who recently graduated from Harvard University.

Social Media

Professor Dana is on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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